Sunday, May 20, 2007

World Wide Web

The World Wide Web is a system of interlinked, hypertext documents that runs over the Internet. With a Web browser, a user views Web pages that may include text, images, and other multimedia and navigates between them using hyperlinks. The World Wide Web is the combination of four basic ideas:Hypertext,Resource Identifiers,The Client-server model of computing,Markup language.On the World Wide Web, a client program called a client agent retrieves information resources, such as Web pages and other computer files, from Web servers using their URLs. If the user agent is a kind of Web browser, it displays the resources on a user's computer. The user can then follow hyperlinks in each web page to other World Wide Web resources, whose position is embedded in the hyperlinks.Web pages are often set in collections of related material called Web sites.The act of following hyperlinks from one Web site to another is referred to as browsing or sometimes as surfing the Web.

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