Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What do you mean by Exercise Hypertension?

The Exercise hypertension is an extreme rise in blood pressure during exercise. Many of those with work out hypertension contain spikes in systolic pressure to 250mm or greater.
In accordance with Klaus a rise in systolic blood pressure to over 200mm when exercising at 100W is 'pathological', and rises more than to over 220mm need control by apt drugs.
In the same way, in healthy individuals the reaction of the diastolic pressure to 'dynamic' exercise (walking, running) of fair intensity is to stay behind constant or to fall somewhat (due to the improved blood flow), but in few individuals a go up of 10mm or greater is found. With the exercise hypertension with the reduced capability of the most important blood vessels to change in size in response to raise blood flow and this is to be differentiated from stiffness of the blood-vessel walls, which was not found to be associated with the effect.

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