Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Hanging Gardens of Babylon

The Garden is quadrangular, and each side is four plethra long. It consists of arched vaults which are located on checkered cube-like foundations.. The ascent of the uppermost terrace-roofs is made by a stairway.

The Hanging Garden has plants cultivated above ground level, and the roots of the trees are embedded in an upper terrace rather than in the earth. The whole mass is supported on stone columns... Streams of water emerging from elevated sources flow down sloping channels... These waters irrigate the whole garden saturating the roots of plants and keeping the whole area moist. Hence the grass is permanently green and the leaves of trees grow firmly attached to supple branches... This is a work of art of royal luxury and its most striking feature is that the labor of cultivation is suspended above the heads of the spectators.
More recent archaeological excavations at the ancient city of Babylon in Iraq uncovered the foundation of the palace. Other findings include the Vaulted Building with thick walls and irrigation well near the southern palace. A group of archaeologists surveyed the area of the southern palace and reconstructed the Vaulted Building as the Hanging Gardens. However, the Greek historian Strabo had stated that the gardens were situated by the River Euphrates. So others argue that the site is too far from the Euphrates to support the theory since the Vaulted Building is several hundreds of meters away. They reconstructed the site of the palace and located the Gardens in the area stretching from the River to the Palace. On the river banks, recently discovered massive walls 25 m thick may have been stepped to form terraces.

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Since a boat cannot sail directly into the wind, but the destination is often upwind, one can only get there by sailing close-hauled with the wind coming from the port side (the boat is on port tack), then tacking (turning the boat through the eye of the wind) and sailing with the wind coming from the starboard side (the boat is on starboard tack).

By this method, it is possible to reach that destination directly upwind. The heavier the wind, the rougher the seas, thus boat movement can be more uncomfortable. This can feel like the boat is beating its hull into the waves, hence the term beating.

How close a boat can sail to the wind depends on the boat's design, sail trim, the sea state and the wind speed, since what the boat "sees" is the apparent wind, i.e., the vector sum of the actual wind and the boat's own velocity. The apparent wind speed is what the anemometer on top of the mast shows

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Home Accents

Wall hangings are available in various designs to decorate your room. Enhance the beauty of your walls with our skillfully made wall hangings. They impart a heartening look to the walls. We have home accents like wall hangings or Wall Decor done in metal and iron with dangling fish and rods attached to it.

Dolls are distinguished from action figures, which are generally of plastic or semi metallic construction and pose able to some extent, and exist largely for the purpose of marketing the television shows or films which feature the characters they are often modeled after. Modern action figures, such as Action Man, are often marketing towards boys, and dolls towards girls.

Disliking are toy dolls made by Unread. They originally came out as large Sissy-sized dolls. They were used as Indoor Decorations. They were later made as 11" multi-jointed dolls in brightly colored bodysuits with flowered sashes and plastic boots.

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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Health care

Everybody longs for that healthy glow, for sparkling eyes and shiny hair that bounces with every step. Millions of dollars are spent every year in beauty products to make skin that much clearer, wrinkles that less visible and lips pout that much more. And while there are cosmetics that do work, you should not underestimate the value of natural beauty products. Perspiration and body odor have been of concern for many of us who wish to present a beautiful body to others. Deodorants hide the smell with fragrance. Taking care of your body means taking care of your self and for that you do not need to put superfluous efforts or you do not need to put extra hour in your work schedule. You need to regulate your life style, discover the ways of living, and to monitor yourself with proper care.

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